The UAE Ranked Among the Top 10 Best Destinations for Expats in 2024

The UAE has secured its place as the 10th-best destination for expatriates to live and work, thanks to its high quality of life and abundant job opportunities. This ranking comes from the annual Expat Insider 2024 report by the global network InterNations.

Top Destinations for Expats

In the latest Expat Insider 2024 report, Panama claimed the top spot, followed by Mexico and Indonesia. The other countries making up the top 10 are:

  1. Panama
  2. Mexico
  3. Indonesia
  4. Spain
  5. Colombia
  6. Thailand
  7. Brazil
  8. Vietnam
  9. The Philippines
  10. UAE

Categories of Evaluation

InterNations conducted a survey involving 12,543 expatriates from 174 countries and territories. They were evaluated based on five categories:

  1. Quality of Life
  2. Ease of Settling In
  3. Working Abroad
  4. Personal Finance
  5. Expat Essentials (digital life, administration, housing, language)

UAE’s Strong Performance

The UAE has excelled in several indices:

  • Quality of Life: Ranked 3rd globally
  • Working Abroad: Ranked 6th globally
  • Expat Essentials: Ranked 1st globally

Key Factors for High Ranking

Economic, Legal, and Social Reforms: The UAE has introduced numerous reforms to improve its business environment, attract foreign investment, and provide better opportunities for skilled workers. This includes amendments to the golden visa initiative and the introduction of green visas and digital nomad visas.

Golden Visa: A 10-year visa for investors, entrepreneurs, and skilled professionals with a monthly salary of over Dh30,000 ($8,167).

Green Visa: A five-year residency visa for skilled employees without the need for a sponsor or employer.

Digital Nomad Visa: A one-year visa allowing people to live in the UAE while working remotely for employers in their home countries.

Retirement Visa: A five-year visa for expatriates older than 55.

Expat Satisfaction in the UAE

Quality of Life: The UAE ranks 3rd globally, excelling in environmental policies, infrastructure, and political stability. An impressive 86% of respondents commend the UAE for its environmental initiatives, significantly higher than the global average of 61%. Additionally, 91% of expats rate the car infrastructure positively, compared to 73% globally.

Healthcare: Ranked 12th globally, with high marks for availability and quality.

Working Abroad: The UAE is ranked 6th, with 76% of expatriates reporting improved career prospects.

Ease of Settling In: The UAE ranks 16th, with a welcoming environment and strong social connections.

With its strategic reforms, exceptional quality of life, and robust job market, the UAE continues to be a top choice for expatriates. Whether you’re looking to start a new career, invest in property, or simply enjoy a high standard of living, the UAE offers unparalleled opportunities.

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