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As an international client, you can indeed apply for a mortgage at the handover. Typically, mortgages for international clients cover up to 60% of the property value. However, there are specific eligibility criteria to meet:
  • Maintain bank statements with a balance exceeding 25,000 AED for the last 6 months before applying.
  • Provide proof of a stable source of income.
  • Comply with specified age criteria.
  • Present a utility bill in your name from your home country.
  • Provide your trade license if you own a company.
Meeting these requirements is crucial for international clients seeking a mortgage. It’s advisable to communicate with the financial institution for a detailed understanding of eligibility criteria and to ensure a smooth application process.
Who owns Dubai Hills Estate?
Dubai Hills Estate is proudly developed by Emaar Properties, offering luxurious apartments and villas amidst lush green surroundings, parks, and a championship golf course. The community boasts numerous amenities such as schools, nurseries, supermarkets, healthcare facilities, and recreational spaces.
Is Dubai Hills a good area?
Dubai Hills has emerged as one of the city’s premier residential areas, notably due to its convenient access to top-notch grocery stores. Additionally, the Dubai Hills Mall features a hypermarket, enhancing the area’s appeal.
What is the ROI on Dubai Hills Estate?
The return on investment for one-bedroom apartments in Dubai Hills Estate stands at 5.4%, while two and three-bedroom apartments yield 5.2% and 5.1% ROI, respectively. Four-bedroom apartments show a respectable ROI of 4.9%.
Is Dubai Hills freehold?
Yes, Dubai Hills Estate is a freehold area in Dubai, allowing foreign nationals to own property within this thriving community.
How many schools are nearby Dubai Hills?
Dubai Hills Estate features its own GEMS International School and is also conveniently located near other renowned educational institutions like Dwight School Dubai, Fairgreen International School, Kent College Dubai, and Repton School Dubai.
Are there healthcare facilities in Dubai Hills Estate?
Yes, Dubai Hills Estate is equipped with healthcare facilities to cater to residents’ well-being, including the American Hospital Dubai Hills Clinic, King’s Diabetes, Endocrinology (KIDEO) Clinic, and King’s College Hospital London – Dubai.
Is Dubai Hills Park exclusive to residents?
No, Dubai Hills Park is a public park accessible to all. This expansive park provides residents and visitors alike with a serene and verdant environment for various recreational activities.
Ejari is a crucial system in Dubai designed to regulate the landlord-tenant relationship. It’s an online registration platform for tenancy contracts that ensures transparency and clarity in rental agreements.

How to Register on Ejari:
Visit Authorized Typing Centers: Begin the Ejari registration process by visiting an authorized typing center in Dubai. These centers assist in preparing the required documents and entering information into the system.
Required Documents: Prepare essential documents including a valid tenancy contract, Emirates ID, passport copy, and visa page.
Pay Registration Fee: Pay the Ejari registration fee through the online portal. The fee varies depending on the property type and lease duration.
Receive Ejari Certificate: Once registration is complete and payment is made, you’ll receive an Ejari certificate. This certificate acts as official documentation of your registered tenancy contract.
A: Payment Process in Dubai Real Estate:
When purchasing property in Dubai, safety and security are paramount. Here’s what you need to know:
Escrow Accounts: Every developer in Dubai establishes an escrow account before launching any project. If multiple projects are launched simultaneously, each project must have a separate escrow account. Clients transfer their funds to these dedicated accounts, ensuring that their money is securely held for the specific project’s use.
Safety Measures: This setup ensures that if any unexpected issues arise or if the developer encounters difficulties, your funds remain safe and secure in the designated escrow account.
Transparency and Security: Dubai real estate prioritizes transparency and security for both buyers and developers, making it a smart choice for investment.
Managing a rental property comes with its challenges, and one common issue is dealing with tenants who fail to pay rent on time. Here are some steps to handle this situation professionally and effectively.
Open Communication is Key : The first step is to communicate openly with the tenant. Understand their reasons for missing rent payments. Is it a temporary setback due to unexpected expenses, or is there a more serious issue at play? Establishing this dialogue helps build trust and can lead to a mutually beneficial solution.
Remind Them of Their Obligations : As the landlord, remind the tenant of their responsibilities outlined in the rental agreement. This includes the monthly rent amount, payment deadlines, acceptable payment methods, and any late fees or penalties. Make sure they are aware of the consequences of non-payment, such as eviction proceedings.
Work Together on a Solution : Instead of immediately resorting to legal action, try to work with the tenant to find a solution. This could involve setting up a payment plan based on their financial situation or offering a temporary grace period for late payments. Being flexible can often prevent the situation from escalating.
Document Everything : Keep detailed records of all communication with the tenant regarding rent payments. This includes emails, letters, and text messages. Documentation is crucial if legal action becomes necessary, as it provides evidence of the attempts made to resolve the issue amicably.
Maintain Professionalism : Throughout the process, maintain a professional and calm demeanor. Avoid emotional reactions, as they can escalate tensions and make resolution more challenging. By staying firm but fair, you can uphold the terms of the rental agreement while also demonstrating empathy for the tenant’s situation.
In conclusion, dealing with a tenant who defaults on rent requires a strategic and empathetic approach. By communicating openly, reminding them of their obligations, working on solutions together, documenting everything, and maintaining professionalism, landlords can navigate these challenges effectively and protect their rights.
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